Surplus SELLERS are branded consumer packaged goods manufacturers and their representative’s doing business within the Canadian market selling to retailers and wholesalers.

Products typically include food & beverage or household goods such as cleaning supplies, health and beauty products, OTC, etc – items that would be found in a grocery store.

As our buyer network grows, additional categories may be added such as food service, institutional and/or packaging.

Surplus BUYERS are retailers and/or wholesalers who purchase excess and short coded inventories from consumer packaged goods manufacturers and their representatives and sell them solely into surplus/liquidation channels in Canada.

To clarify, unless otherwise indicated from the seller, goods purchased on the CPG Surplus system may only be sold within these channels and can never be sold outside of Canada.

Should product purchased by you end up in a Tier 1 retailer or unapproved wholesaler or outside of the Canadian market, legal action may be taken. BUYERS may not also be sellers.